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classic solitaire

Want to know how to make Klondike Solitaire super easy? Unlimited tableau piles! Oh come on. If you've ever played by hand, surely you've found yourself in a pinch and let yourself make a magical 8th pile on the board. So why shouldn't you be able to do that in your online game?

But you don't have to go that far. Here, you can keep things simple. Just make the rules easier. We'll give you unlimited undos, a stock pile that gives you 1 card at once instead of three, and tableau piles that will take any card instead of just Kings. Best of all, all of this is customizeable (except for the undos - you always get as many as you want).

And there's our awesome sauce feature: the head start. When you start a new game, you can give yourself a head start by filling the foundations up anywhere from Ace to, well, Kings if you want to win the game instantly. Don't worry, we'll take care of finding the cards and putting them in the foundations for you.

We want your Classic Solitaire game to be a super fun experience that you can play however you want.

Play on!

about easy solitaire

We make your favorite solitaire games easy to win. In fact, with some of our solitaire cheats, your games can be practically impossible to lose.

We've got lots of games planned but we're starting with Klondike Solitaire, a game you may know as Classic Solitaire or even just Solitaire.

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